Keep Your Needs-Based Benefits

PA ABLE Savings Program accounts are an addition to, not a replacement of, government programs and do not affect eligibility for any federal needs-based programs including Medicaid. There is a limitation for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. For example, accounts up to $100,000 are not considered in determining eligibility for SSI.

PA ABLE Benefits

This comparison chart illustrates a few important benefits for Pennsylvanians which are exclusive to PA ABLE.

This video covers some important features and benefits of PA ABLE.

Tax Advantages

  • Owe no federal or Pennsylvania income tax on saving’s growth when held in the account (tax deferral).
  • Take withdrawals for “qualified disability expenses” and no federal or Pennsylvania income tax is owed (tax exemption).
  • Entire account (savings and growth) is exempt from Pennsylvania inheritance tax.

Pennsylvania Residents: Open A PA ABLE Account - Get Exclusive Benefits

  • Deduct PA ABLE contributions up to $18,000 per year from Pennsylvania taxable income (only contributions to PA ABLE accounts qualify for this tax deduction)
  • Protects eligibility for PA health and disability-related benefits
  • Protects eligibility for PA student financial aid
  • Contributions grow PA income tax free
  • Entire account is exempt from PA inheritance tax
  • Entire account is protected from creditors of the account owner, beneficiary or contributor
  • Account not subject to Medical Assistance (Medicaid) repayment (account owner's estate might be)
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